Wooden-Framed Chairs

Wooden-Framed Chairs

About our Wooden-Framed Chairs

Scottish wood has a world renowned reputation for quality. That’s why we’re proud to design and manufacture a range of wooden-framed chairs made using the finest Scottish timbers and inspired by the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Contemporary Design

Our range of wooden-framed chairs are a combination of traditional aesthetics with modern touches, making them flexible enough to work with a variety of room settings.

Coffee Chair with Elm and Ash
Struan Armchair

Made for Your Home

You can hand pick the timbers, colours and finishes for your chairs so they blend seamlessly with the other furniture in your home.

Coffee Chair with Elm and Ash
Hoop Back Armchair
Two-Seat Cotswold

Comfort and Cosiness

We know that there’s nothing better than relaxing into a well made chair after a long day. That’s why all of our wooden-framed chairs are design with comfort as well as style in mind.

Cotswold in Oak

Discover for yourself

A visit to our showroom is a day out in itself. One of the most beautiful showcases of furniture in Scotland, it really has to be seen in person. Our team know our products and process down to the finest detail and are always on hand for a chat, should you want one. We’re more than happy to leave you to it and let our work speak for itself of course.

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