Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered Chairs

About our Upholstered Chairs

There’s no better feeling than grabbing a book and a glass of wine and sinking into a comfortable chair. Our collection of upholstered chairs have been designed both to look beautiful and to provide a place to relax unwind after a long day.

Perfect for Any Room

Whether it’s in a beautiful hallway, by a fire or at the heart of your living room, our upholstered chairs will bring character and charm to any space.

Two-Tone Chair
Slaven Wing Chair

Striking Design

We take our design inspiration from a variety of places, including famous artist and our local Scottish landscape. That’s why you’ll find a piece that’s matches your personality and works in your home.

Glamis Feature Chair
Two-Seat Cotswold
Swivel Chair

Built with Pride

Each one of our upholstered chairs is hand-built by master craftsmen and the designs are all approved by Steven and our expert team of designers.

Braemar Chair

Discover for yourself

A visit to our showroom is a day out in itself. One of the most beautiful showcases of furniture in Scotland, it really has to be seen in person. Our team know our products and process down to the finest detail and are always on hand for a chat, should you want one. We’re more than happy to leave you to it and let our work speak for itself of course.

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